A growing number of software-defined radios and signal analysis gear can accept a 10.7 MHz IF (Intermediate Frequency) input from an external receiver.

The following is a list of relatively modern receivers with a 10.7 MHz output.

Additions are welcome.

Manufacturer Model Bandwidth 10.7 MHz Output Comments
Alinco DJ-X11 E/T TBD Factory Also has I/Q output
AOR AR-3000A TBD Factory  
AOR AR-5000 TBD Factory  
AOR AR-8600 TBD Factory  
AOR AR-8600 Mk II TBD Factory  
ICOM R7000 TBD Factory  
ICOM R7100 TBD Factory  
ICOM R8500 TBD Factory  
ICOM R9000 TBD Factory The R8500 only outputs an IF signal when tuned to frequencies above 30 MHz. There is an internal jumper to set the output jack as either a discriminator or IF output.
Yaesu VR-5000 TBD Factory  

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Last updated June 2, 2016.