The 245XLT is a handheld trunking scanner built by Uniden.

Corrections to the manual

You can get a copy of the manual in PDF from Uniden by clicking here.

Grove Enterprises has a webpage here that explains the correct way to select a scan list location to store an ID during a search.

The website has quite a bit of information about this scanner, including the following list of errors in the original manual:

BC245 errors in original manual (newer reprint corrects most errors)
page 7: Preprogrammed service (SVC) scan (not search)
page 31: 9. To store another frequency, select another channel for the new frequency by pressing MAN (not E)
page 41: 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until (not steps 3 and 4)
page 52: 1. Press SCAN to begin.. (not Press MAN)
page 54: 1. When your scanner stops on an ID you want to store, press HOLD. (not SCAN)
page 59: 8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until (not steps 8 and 9)
page 59: See page 81 for more information. (not page 68)
page 61: To turn Status Bits off, press and hold SCAN for two seconds (not press and hold for two seconds)
page 62: You may need a DB-9 to DB-25 adapter (not null-modem adapter)

BC245 manual addenda
In trunk mode pressing the data key repeatedly cycles the display through these modes (ref page 47):
1. Active scan lists
2. Repeater activity indicators
3. Active banks

General Resources

BC 245XLT Resource website run by Doug Fisher, with instructions, help, and downloadable frequency files.


Version Number

You can display the version number of your BC 245XLT's firmware by performing the following steps:

I have version 1.17.


You can reset the scanner by performing the following steps:

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Last updated August 18, 2001