MPT 1327

MPT (Ministry of Posts and Telegraph) 1327 is a trunked radio standard for analog radio that originated in Britain in the late 1980s. It is popular in Europe, Australia, and numerous countries outside the United States. There are a growing number of MPT-1327 systems in the U.S.

The standard itself can be downloaded here.

The MPT-1327 specifications are actually four documents:

  • MPT-1327 defines the message and modulation format
  • MPT-1343 defines a terminal access interface
  • MPT-1347 defines a base station interface
  • MPT-1352 describes terminal testing


  • A software package called TrunkView can be found here. It requires a receiver and a computer with a soundcard. If the receiver has a serial port, the computer can control the operation (primarily tuning) of the receiver.

  • A Windows-based program called TrunkSniff, including source code, can be found here.

  • A software-based MPT1327 trunked radio decoder is available for Linux systems using a soundcard and an ICOM receiver. You used to be able to find the software at, however it now appears to have gone missing.

  • The following are links to two hardware decoder solutions for listening to MPT 1327 transmissions:

    FTrunk (hobby decoder)
    Ptrunk (professional)

    Neither of these items are inexpensive, but I'd love to hear from someone actually using one!

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