• Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Databases
    • The FCC Identification Number database can be accessed here. For instance, the Uniden BC785D has an Grantee Code of AMW and an Equipment Product Code of UB316.

    • The FCC license database can be accessed here. Use Service code YW (Trunked Public Safety Pool) to find your local public safety trunked radio frequency assignments.

    • An updated search interface for the FCC license database can be found here.

    • The FCC also has a search engine for Amateur, Aircraft, Commercial/Restricted, GMRS and Ship Only that can be reached here.

    • You can see a list of FCC monitoring facilities and their locations by clicking here.

    • The Federal Communications Commission has an on-line document that describes the Commission and the various functions they perform. It can be found here.

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    Last updated September 17, 2005.